Today’s automotive industry are building cars, trucks, and other vehicles with more sophisticated electrical systems and with even more complex electronic components and accessories to achieve state of the art features of the vehicle for better functions that complement the needs of the user. Because there is a need for the maintenance and servicing not only of the vehicle’s engine but of its electrical systems and components as well, there has been an increase in the demand for the services of an auto electrician among vehicle owners. An auto electrician is a highly skilled well-trained professional who works on the electrical parts of motor vehicles. They are usually found in dealer workshops and service centres. The service of an auto electrician is employed in diagnosing and repairing electrical faults of motor vehicles. They can also work on the installation and maintenance care of a motor vehicle’s electrical systems and electronic components.

In Western Australia, you can find the most competent and highly skilled auto electricians at Allplant Auto Electrics, the most trusted company in providing services for your caravan, cars and trucks, mining and civil company vehicle needs. When it comes to your auto electrical needs, we at Allplant Auto Electrics provide the following services;

  1. Auto electrical repair and installation of the following: alternators, starter motors, electric brakes, dual battery systems, battery charging systems including solar powered source, LED and HID spot lights, 12 volt microwaves, and G Scan tool in workshop
  2. Provide customers with a wide range of auto electrical products to provide them an array of choices for their vehicles
  3. Rebuild machinery and mine spec installations
  4. Repair, design, and install new wiring systems and control systems for different machinery
  5. Mobile service for repairs and installations along the metro area

Customers are guaranteed that Allplant Auto Electrics employ the best auto electricians who are highly skilled in working on all vehicle electrical systems and components such as the ignition system and the fuel injection system. Our auto electricians are very knowledgeable in anti-lock braking, wiring an charging systems, heating and air conditioning systems as well as the lighting and indicators of motor vehicles. Also, in keeping with the trends in car accessories, our auto electricians are very familiar with today’s sophisticated car entertainment systems such as video players, radios as well as a vehicle’s navigation and information systems. Furthermore, all our pool of expert electricians are available as services for hire.

At Allplant Auto Electrics, we protect the integrity of our company through honest service. One of our ways is by using our own wiring harnesses in our installation projects thus; our customers are assured of superior quality output. Also, we do not only provide quality products and guaranteed service, but we also provide customers with bills of material and wiring diagrams for all work undertaken. In this way, customers are assured that they are not short changed.

Allplant Auto Electrics is also known for being customer friendly. We are ready to help you with your vehicular needs anytime.