Advantages of Braided Wiring Looms Over Convoluted Tubing for Heavy-Duty Equipment

braided wiring looms

Braided wiring loom with yellow tracer

Heavy-duty equipment, such as those used in mining, operate continuously, day and night. Hence, the demand for reliable wiring looms is essential to prevent unnecessary machine downtime. These looms, crafted from robust materials, are designed to withstand Australia’s severe and diverse weather conditions. They must resist temperature fluctuations, oil, moisture, dust, and abrasion. Two commonly used types are braided wiring looms and convoluted tubing.


  1. Understanding Braided Wiring Looms
  2. An Overview of Convoluted Tubing
  3. Why Braided Wiring Looms Surpass Convoluted Tubing
  4. Final Thoughts


Braided wiring looms, encased in polyvinyl-coated nylon yarn, are crafted using a specialized industrial braiding machine. This design helps shield the wiring from vibrations and heat, available in multiple heat resistance ratings. You can also choose a PVDF yarn option, offering enhanced protection. Importantly, these looms allow moisture to escape, an invaluable trait under extreme conditions.

Allplant Auto Electrics provides two braiding options to customize wiring looms to your specifications. One option is PVC-coated nylon yarn, suitable for most applications, and the other is PVDF yarn, ideal for harsher environments such as high abrasion areas. Applications include camera/comms looms or those running alongside hydraulic hoses.

PVC-coated nylon comes in an array of coloured yarns and traces, enhancing the aesthetic of the loom. The wire conductor Allplant employs in their manufacturing process is tin-coated copper, which significantly minimizes the chances of corrosion. The wires for the loom are numbered and cut to length using a specialized ink-jet printer, aiding in troubleshooting in the field. This number allocation and identification process is carried out by Allplant’s Perth design team, utilizing cutting-edge wiring loom design software. Additionally, differently coloured strands woven into the braid can differentiate your brand from others.

PVDF-coating shares similar traits with PVC-coating, but with a higher heat and abrasion resistance. Generally, PVDF is more robust and has a longer lifespan than PVC-coating.

Every harness we craft is custom designed to specification, manufactured and braided in-house. Our trained technicians handle the final stage of production to ensure high-quality control.


Convoluted tubing, made of plastic, offers excellent protection against abrasion and cuts and is highly flame retardant. Available in several plastics with various chemical and heat ratings, it is liquid-tight and can accommodate various connector back shells. It also allows for the inclusion of several fittings for loom configurations, providing a liquid-tight seal or covering.

Convoluted tubing comes in a broad range of diameters, enhancing the flexibility of the wiring looms. Many colours are available for aesthetic enhancement and branding purposes. However, one major challenge of convoluted tubing is threading the wiring looms through the tubing and other fittings, especially for complex wiring looms. In the absence of fittings at the intersection of the branch, zip ties or electrical tape are needed to secure the tubing.


Braided wiring looms offer several advantages over convoluted tubing:

  • Convoluted tubing harnesses can hold a maximum load of 70-80% wire, leaving 20-30% free space for wire movement with equipment vibration. This movement can degrade wire insulation and expose conductors, leading to electrical failures. In contrast, braided looms, with their tightly bound wire assemblies, are designed for 100% loading capacity and limit wire movement, thus preventing deterioration of wire insulation.
  • Convoluted tubing is susceptible to wear and tear due to abrasion. The free space in a nylon conduit loom can fill with moisture, debris, dust, stones, and other particles, causing premature conductor corrosion and weakening of wire insulation. However, braid sleeving has high abrasion resistance due to its tightly bound nature, ensuring optimal wiring protection.
  • Braided Wiring Harness allows air and water to pass through, protecting insulation. This breathability results in higher heat resistance and a longer lifespan. Conversely, convoluted tubing assemblies, lacking breathability, can accumulate engine fluids and debris. This buildup can erode wire insulation and tubing.
  • Braided Wiring Harness offers a clean, professional finish and is more suited to Western Australia’s harsher climates.


When in need of a robust automotive wiring loom, several factors must be considered. For large wiring looms or operations in extreme heat, dust, and humidity, braided wiring looms are the superior choice. However, for smaller looms that require chemical resistance and a liquid-tight seal, convoluted tubing may be the better option. Allplant Auto Electrics can assist in determining the ideal product to meet your needs. They offer a range of cable management sleeves crafted from quality materials, ensuring high performance and reliability in mining equipment and the heavy-duty construction industry. Contact Allplant Auto Electrics for more information on braided wiring looms.