An air conditioned car provides commuters with a load of benefits but with a lot of responsibilities too. Air conditioning reduces air temperature as well as removes excess moisture inside the car. Such conditions do not only make your windscreen clear for safe driving but prevents you from being sweaty thus, making you comfortable during the ride. However, owning a car is like owning a pet. You have to take care of it. A well maintained car guarantees longevity of use and a well-sustained performance. One of the integral parts of a vehicle that needs to be well maintained is its air conditioning system. People rely heavily on the car air conditioning to keep them feeling fresh, cool, and comfortable during their travels on the road on hot summer days. Car air conditioning systems are composed of the vacuum lines, control system, and the refrigerant system. When the air conditioning malfunctions, one may find that the unit does not blow cold air, or very little, and at other times, it may blow too much. In any case, it can be frustrating, annoying and uncomfortable driving with a malfunctioning air conditioning. The common causes of these malfunctions may be due to low refrigerant levels. When the refrigerant level is lower than what is required, the system is forced to work harder than normal and may cause malfunction and overheating. Another cause may be due to blockage of debris in the condensing or there may be filter blockage due to excessive accumulation of dirt. It is important therefore, that the car’s air conditioning systems be checked regularly to detect early symptoms of malfunctions in order to avoid system breakdown and might require major repairs instead of just minor ones.

Automobile air conditioning systems are very complex therefore requires technical expertise. We at Allplant Auto Electrical and Air Conditioning take pride in our highly skilled technicians who have extensive experiences and competencies in the design, manufacture, and installation of car air conditioning systems and components. Conveniently located in Welshpool, our company covers all car air conditioning needs, specifically:

  1. conduct repairs and maintenance services of automotive air conditioning units
  2. complete rebuild of existing air conditioning parts
  3. supplies DC air conditioners
  4. suppliers of Rencool Air Conditioning and of Sigma Air Conditioning systems
  5. service providers for Rencool Air Conditioning and for Sigma Air conditioning systems
  6. has fully equipped field service vehicles designed to handle all types of air conditioning repairs and installations

Many people are apprehensive about getting their car air conditioning checked or repaired because they fear they might be overcharged by the car service centre. However, we at Allplant Auto Electrical and Air Conditioning provide our customers with exact inventory of the work with done so they are not over charged. Furthermore, our company, being suppliers of Rencool and of Sigma air conditioning systems; we design, manufacture, and install air conditioning systems ourselves. Therefore, customers find it a cost effective plan to have us design, manufacture, and install their car air conditioning systems.

So feel free to come to us for your car air conditioning needs.