Features & Details

CAT IT62H - WHEEL LOADER OEM aircon replacement system. With field service vehicles based in Newman and Paraburdoo, this allows us to provide support to our clients across the Pilbara. CATERPILLAR IT62H
  • AP59-4680 Evaporator 
  • AP59-8792 Evaporator Fan Motor Assembly
  • AP50-0872 Compressor
  • AP51-8839 Condenser
  • AP52-3226 Receiver Drier
  • AP57-6189 Accumulator
  • AP58-5333 Pressure Switch (High Pressure)
  • AP57-4531 Belts for Compressor
  • AP57-9690 Belts
  • AP54-9371 Hose
  • AP54-9372 Hose
  • AP54-7272 Hose
  • AP54-7273 Hose
  • AP54-7274 Hose
  • AP54-4400 Hose
  • AP56-5464 Thermostat
  • AP53-3928 Hose Coupling
  • AP53-3176 Hose Coupling
  • AP53-3929 Hose Coupling
  • AP53-3948 Hose Coupling

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