Allplant Auto Electrics recently completed a successful OMG Engineering Electric Over Hydraulic Rod Sloop conversion project, replacing the conventional diesel engine-hydraulic pump with an electric motor-hydraulic pump that operate the hydraulic functions.

The benefit of choosing electric over a diesel:

·       Quiet operation

·       No engine maintenance

·       No exhaust fumes

·       No fuel tanks

A conventional (Diesel) Rod Sloop still requires electrical circuits to operation the hydraulic spools, emergency stops, start/stop function and lighting. Changing to an electric over hydraulic system, only required a slight size increase to the electrical cabinet, larger battery pack and some additional electrical components.

The systems electrical cabinet, houses a BCDC charger, solar regulator, control solenoid and relays, remote receiver, remote charger and circuit protection. All connections are through bulk head post or connectors, for easy installation and protection against environmental ingress. The cabinet is manufactured off site and complete with wiring diagrams and bill of materials.

All harnessing is manufactured on site to length, for a clean finish. Harness protection is a PVC Nylon Braid which is chosen over standard nylon conduit.

·       Great abrasive resistance, equaling a longer service life

·       Higher temperature tolerance

·       Doesn’t fill with moisture

·       Braid is directly applied to cable harness, eliminating harness rub inside

Power to the Rod Sloop is provided a 50A vehicle connection and a 200W solar panel input. Battery storage is 4x Optima D31M’s, in series-parallel of a total of 150amp hours.

The unit has all required safety features for site use. Audible warning alarm when in operation, Amber Beacon, Emergency Stop, Battery Isolator and Remote Deadman function.


Allplant Auto Electrics wiring harness manufacturer Australia. Contact us for more details.