CAT 785C – TRUCK and WATER TRUCK OEM aircon replacement system. With field service vehicles based in Newman and Paraburdoo, this allows us to provide support to our clients across the Pilbara. CATERPILLAR 785C 06H160/ 06H161/ 06H162/ 06H163/ 06H108/ 06H180 series also available. 

  • AP59-0376 Evaporator 
  • AP59-1927 Evaporator Fan Motor 
  • AP59-0400 Evaporator Fan Blades
  • AP59-7212 Evaporator Fan Motor Assembly
  • AP50-4564 Compressor
  • AP51-7486 Condenser Coil
  • AP52-3535 Receiver Drier
  • AP57-0235 Accumulator
  • AP58-3148 Pressure Switch 
  • AP58-6371 Pressure Switch 
  • AP57-6558 Belt for Compressor
  • AP54-4104 Hose
  • AP54-4105 Hose
  • AP54-7042 Hose
  • AP54-6758 Hose
  • AP54-1450 Hose
  • AP54-9965 Hose
  • AP54-7697 Hose
  • AP56-5464 Thermostat
  • AP53-6100 Hose Coupling
  • AP53-3928 Hose Coupling
  • AP53-3929 Hose Coupling
  • AP57-4106 Hose Coupling
  • AP57-4107 Hose Coupling 
  • AP55-7384 Hose Coupling
  • AP55-7383 Hose Coupling
  • Orlaco Mining Vision Systems. Allplant Auto Electrics complete Mining and Off Road Machine vision...

  • The Allplant Auto Electrics’ Isolation Control Station is a robust unit, designed and made...

  • Powerful Performance Emergency 106 LED Light Patented Hybrid Drive technology – no gears, no...

  • Heavy Duty Decals Protected Reflective ID Display Sign Heavy Duty Non LED Illuminated Protected...

  • Heavy Duty LED ID Display Number Board 24V build tough for vibration. 1-6 character Alpha-Numeric...

  • The Hummingbird Isolation Verification Control gives a visual readout on your vehicles true...

  • The Hummingbird Panel Mount Cabin Pressure Monitor provides a highly visual readout to operators,...

  • The Orlaco standard 4-pins multi cable is available in a rang of length from 1m up to 21m. This...

  • 0171600 – Orlaco FAMOS IR LED camera 118º PAL is a sturdy, compact camera with night vision,...

  • 0223000 - Orlaco 7 inch RLED monitor 18…32V with 2m cables and 132mm...

  • Yellow locking bracket to suit Bosch and Hella lever type isolation switches. Enables the switch to...

  • Red locking bracket to suit Bosch and Hella lever type isolation switches. Enables the switch to be...

  • NORDIC LIGHTS® Centaurus N4601 QD work light delivers stunning illumination, it has an operational...

  • The NORDIC N460 60W is a Heavy Duty LED Work Lamp; Long life LED’s, Over voltage with over...

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