KOMATSU WA900-3A – WHEEL LOADER OEM aircon replacement system. With field service vehicles based in Newman and Paraburdoo, this allows us to provide support to our clients across the Pilbara. 

  • AP59-0954 Evaporator Coil
  • AP59-1053 Blower Motor
  • AP57-171 Blower Wheels
  • AP50-8034 Compressor
  • AP51-0631 Condenser Coil
  • AP51-UE026 Condenser Fan Motor
  • AP63-0229 Condenser Fan Blades
  • AP62-521509 TX Valve
  • AP62-1508 TX Valve Orifice
  • AP52-531411 Receiver Dryer
  • AP52-1357  In-Line Dryer
  • AP58-523655 High Pressure Switch
  • AP58-523365 Low Pressure Switch
  • AP57-2485 Belt for Compressor
  • AP56-UE016 Thermostat De-ice
  • AP63-8925 Thermostat
  • AP3-8028 Compressor Service Port
  • AP53-8030 Compressor Service Port
  • AP57-044S Filter


  • AP59-1111 Complete Evaporator Assembly
  • AP59-0651 Evaporator Coil
  • AP59-4632 Complete Blower Assembly
  • AP50-1180 Compressor
  • AP51-1530 Complete Condenser Assembly
  • AP62-3540 TX Valve
  • AP52-3120 Receiver Dryer
  • AP58-1810 Pressure Switch
  • AP57-1748 Belt for Compressor
  • AP56-3620 Thermostat
  • AP54-1140 Hose – Coupling to Compressor
  • AP54-2180 Hose – Coupling to Evap Assembly (Low Side)
  • AP54-2210 Hose – Coupling to Evap Assembly (High Side)
  • AP54-2220 Hose – Drier to Coupling
  • AP54-2230 Hose – Drier to Condenser
  • AP54-2240 Hose – Condenser to Condenser
  • AP54-2250 Hose – Condenser to Compressor
  • AP53-1531 Connector Assem – Drier (Evap)
  • AP53-1551 Connector Assem – Evap (Drier)
  • AP53-1531 Connector Assem – Evap (Comp)
  • AP53-1541 Connector Assem – Compressor (Evap)
  • AP57-2312 Filter – External Cab Air
  • AP57-3380 Filter – Internal Cab Air
  • AP57-7741 Filter – Internal Cab Air
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