RCS3 – 12V & 24V Split System Sleeper Cab Kit – Rencool

Features & Details


Split 2 Piece System

  • Operate while driving or parked
  • Benefit from fuel savings while driving
  • 2 – 3-5Kw Cooling Power
  • 304 Stainless Steel
  • Adjustable Compressor RPM available to conserve power
  • Limited Servicing required
  • No Vibration – No engine operation
  • Parts easily obtained Nation-wide
  • Built in Australia for Aussie Conditions


The RDC4 comes in 304 Stainless Steel with 2 way mounting and light weight 32kg.  Complete with MD-18 or MD-24 Compressor 12 and 24 Volt, Condenser & Thermo Fan, Receiver drier, Pressure switches, Connection hoses with Bulkhead fittings and wiring Harness for a plug and play Installation. Compressor speed adjustment from 2000 to 6000 rpm.

Rencool have introduced for 2015 the RDC4 Split System DC Electric Sleeper Cab Air Conditioning unit.
Use while driving to help or take the load off the factory fitted system.

Sold in easy kit form to suit Bonnet & Cab-over Trucks

Quick easy Installations, no long hose runs, use while engine on or off makes this system configuration the best solution when it comes to an instant cooling application for Sleeping and Driving.

The RDC4 Unit can be used with Multi different Evaporator configurations depending on the Truck Cabin. Dual mountings allow the light weight Compressor / Condenser unit (RDC4) to be mounted easily.  2 hoses and 3 pin wiring harness makes easy connection and Installation with this 2 piece Split System.

The MD-18 Series is a DC Electric Air Conditioning Compressor unit Powered by 12 & 24 Volts. This is Rencool’s latest technology in small displacement Compressors. With only 18cc displacement capacity we can achieve higher rpm to obtain optimal cooling capacity with conservative power consumption.

2000 to 6000 rpm available depending on the application.

Vent outlet temperatures regulate between +6 to + 10 degrees C @ +40 Deg ambient


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