BCA-6 – 24 Volt Anti-idle series air conditioner – Rencool

Features & Details


Design for Above & Below Surface Equipment

  • Primary
  • Anti-Idle
  • Secondary
  • Dual Compressor with OEM
  • 24 Volt @ 6 KW Cooling Capacity
  • Suits Above & Underground

The Rencool BCA-6 unit is the latest in Anti Idle solutions to suit the Mining and Heavy Construction sector.

The latest innovative Anti Idle unit suited for the Mining and Heavy Construction applications this unit can be installed for primary or secondary function cooling to keep the cabin cool while engine is shut down.

With its 3mm Stainless Steel robust construction and the powerful Rencool DRK-7 Patented compressor drive system it has no trouble producing fantastic cooling capacity to keep the cabin cold in extreme high ambient temperatures for below or above ground machines. The Rencool BCA-6 unit uses the factory off engine drive compressor and the BCA-6 electric compressor with the original OEM Evaporator. When the machine engine is shut down the BCA unit electric compressor takes over the cooling duty. The BCA unit controls all condensing, pressure switches, r-driers, oil separation and all the electric control functions but still supply’s air flow through the original factory air vents as per normal operation.

By testing a variety of conditions expected In the “unknown to known” We can ensure the quality and reliability of the Rencool range of DC Voltage Systems

The BCA-6 Series 24 volt Air Conditioning unit is powered from a Brushless electric motor powered and controlled by the BLDC 200 amp Smart Controller. The controller is an important component within the unit’s power operations. It controls torque, speed, amp draw, high low voltage, high temp cut-out and regulated power needed to maintain the set RPM from our factory pre-programmed settings.

It contains a full working air conditioning system which includes condenser, condenser fans, pressure switches, receiver drier, sight glass indicator, hoses & fittings, electrical control box, oil separation, discharge, suction and liquid tee junction external ports. Unit is designed to tolerate extreme conditions which includes, water, dust, sulphur, coal, salt and other such abrasive substances for Mining, Military, Marine and Heavy Construction.


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