Isolation Control Station

Features & Details

  • Heavy duty double pole isolators rated to 250 amps continuous
  • Red and Yellow Locksafe lever isolator locks
  • CAT style jumpstart receptacle with cover
  • CAT auto reset circuit breakers
  • VIMS and ET service port connections
  • Environmentally sealed toggle switches, IP68 rating
  • 400 amp insulated power studs
  • TXL tinned copper cable for internal harnessing
  • Dimensions: 350mm H x 400mm D
  • 360mm width (400mm overall including feet)


The Allplant Auto Electrics’ Isolation Control Station is a robust unit, designed and made right here in Perth, with heavy-duty mine site applications in mind. All our isolation cabinets feature heavy-duty components that have been tested, and proven in the field since our beginnings in 2007.

Built tough for massive vibrations with full 316 stainless steel enclosure, our isolation cabinets are also fitted with high-grade weather seals on all removable panels and doors, to stop the ingress of fine dust.

These Isolation Control Station are an Allplant off the shelf product, however it can be customised build and modified to suit any of your requirements.


316 Stainless Steel Enclosure

Foam door and panel seals for weather resistances

Removable side access panel for easy maintenance

Heavy duty power connection post’s

Genuine lock safe isolator handles

Heavy duty isolators

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