Panel Mount Cabin Pressure Monitor

Features & Details

  • Highly visible colour display 
  • Under and over-pressure warning
  • Installer settable threshold
  • Real-time pressure readout 
  • External output 
  • 12/24V operation
  • Includes all fittings required
  • Panel mounted


The Hummingbird Panel Mount Cabin Pressure Monitor provides a highly visual readout to operators, letting them know when the cabin pressure drops below a critical level.

Low pressure in the cab can result in dust and other harmful materials entering the cab. High pressure can result in fatigue and headaches. The cab pressure monitor has been engineered for simple installation and operation.

The Cab Pressure Monitor measures pressure in the cab and compares it with atmospheric pressure. When the pressure in the cab drops to a level that is not high enough to prevent dust and other materials entering the cab, the display turns orange to alert the operator. After a user configurable number of seconds of the pressure being low or high, the display turns red, a warning is shown and the external outputs are triggered.

Powerfull Performance
The pressure measurement units and thresholds can be configured via a touch-screen. The touch-screen must be accessed within 10 seconds of power being applied after which it is disabled. The touch-screen also allows other features such as screen brightness, password and outputs to be configured.

A precision sensor allows pressure to measured to a resolution of 0.1mm H20. Measured pressure is temperature compensated to allow operation over a wide range of temperatures. An extremely high sensor burst pressure of 5000Pa means that door slams will not affect the sensor.

Technical specifications

  • Device Type: Configurable Cab Pressure Monitor
  • Operating Pressure Range: 0-500Pa ( 0-50MM H2O )
  • Sensor Resolution: 1Pa (0.1mm H2O)
  • Sensor Burst Pressure: 5000Pa
  • Operating Temperature: 0°- 50°C
  • Input Voltage Minimum: 9V; Maximum 36V
  • Current Consumption: <2W (100mA at 12V, 50mA at 24V)
  • External Output – Inactive State: High impedance (Open collector) (Grounded)
  • External Output – Maximum Sink Current: 120mA
  • Tube Specification HE-CON068 – Plastic tubing: PUN-H-3X0,5-NT (2 Meter)
  • Analog Output: Range 0-10V, maximum 10mA output current
  • Voltage Output: Low value 0V, High value 9V, maximum output current 10mA
  • Weight: 207g
  • Height: 76mm
  • Length: 77mm
  • Width: 90mm

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