Hitachi Local Options Kit

Features & Details

• Standard or customisable cabinet options
• Internal aluminium cabinet decal
• 80-amp heavy-duty relays
• Switch style circuit breakers
• Rubber isolation mounting system
• Bulkhead electrical connections
• IP rated enclosure

• XLPE Tinned copper conductors
• Nylon yarn harness braid
• Genuine Deutsch connectors
• Plug ‘n’ Play style harness
• Individual connector I.D labels


Allplant’s Hitachi Local Options Kit has been designed with ease of installations during maintenance shut down works. All the components used in the cabinet as well as the harnessing have proven reliability in harsh mining environments.

It has been built to replace the entire factory fitted options cabinet and harnessing with all the same circuits but receiving multiple upgrades. Upgrades include bigger 80-amp relays for the additional lighting circuits and signalling horn compressor, wire size increases and Nylon braiding to replace the conduit harness protection.

This Kit picture is design to suit Hitachi EX5500-5/6 and EX5600-6. Kit can be developed for other machines, enquire for more details.

For more details on our Local Options Kits, contact our info line or give us a call.

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