Keeping Truckers Cool

Trucks and other heavy duty vehicles travel the unending miles of sun-baked roads to deliver their products or services to other places. To efficiently undertake this exhausting drive, manufacturers continuously design and enhance more sophisticated truck air conditioning systems to cater to the varying needs of the consumers – mainly, truckers. Air conditioners are mainly responsible in ensuring the comfort of the drivers as well as the passengers for air conditioners maintain the optimum temperature and humidity of ambient air inside the truck and cabin.

Imagine toiling the scorching highways without air conditioning or with a defunct air conditioning system. What a nightmare this would be for drivers. Driving a truck without air conditioning would certainly drench them in sweat. Worry no more, for Allplant Auto Electrics and Air Conditioning offers the best products and services in truck air conditioning. Our company takes pride in its air conditioning experts and technicians equipped with experience and vital competencies in the design, fabrication, and development of air conditioning systems and parts. We are conveniently based in Welshpool, a known hub of trucking, civil, and mining companies. We cover all the needs of truck air conditioning, specifically:

  1. Installation and design of Air Filtration systems and Cabin pressurisers to meet site requirements
  2. Air conditioning audit and estimation in mining machinery fleets which includes a comprehensive breakdown of the cost of parts and the scheduling of replacement and repair to help minimize machine downtime and lessen costs
  3. Complete rebuilds of air conditioning components if they are not readily available in the vicinity
  4. Ultra-quiet setting of truck sleeper cabins to ensure a sound sleep, choosing between a 12 volts and 24 volts air conditioner compressor
  5. Direct current (DC) air conditioners are also available

We have a wide range of spare parts for most air conditioning systems and we find ways for sourcing other spare parts that are not readily available. For road breakdowns, we have a well-equipped fleet of service vehicles capable of handling all types of air conditioning repairs. We have a solid pool of expert manpower for the servicing of all your air conditioning needs in trucking, civil, and mining vehicles. We also offer a wide catalog of products to meet the needs of the consumers such as evaporator units and evacuation pumps.

In connection with our vision to deliver high quality air conditioning systems to heavy duty vehicles, we also offer products manufactured by Sigma and Rencool, two firms who are known world leaders in the manufacture and supply of air conditioning and ventilation systems in the industry. We are a proud retailer of Sigma and Rencool air conditioning agents. This proves that Allplant Auto Electrics and Air Conditioning is involved in the provision of excellent products in the people of West Australia.

The technicians at Allplant Auto Electrics and Air Conditioning are efficient in giving friendly assistance to you, our valuable customers. We ensure a thorough service and could be reached anytime.

We are your reliable partner in solving the air conditioning issues that your automobile might face.