We cannot really imagine the ordeal that truckers go through in delivering cargo to distant places requiring them to travel and stay on the road even for days enduring all sorts: rough terrain, dusty and difficult roads, and hot or rough weather. For truckers to efficiently perform their duties and stay awake, alert, and safe on the road during their exhausting drive, manufacturers in the automotive industry continue to design and develop truck air conditioning systems to cater to their needs. Air conditioning is responsible for reducing air temperature and excess moisture inside the truck preventing the driver from being sweaty and uncomfortable even during long rides. Air conditioning inside the truck would help achieve and maintain the desired temperature and humidity that would keep the driver and passengers feel fresh, cool, and comfortable.

Truck air conditioning is a necessity in the life of a trucker. There are instances however, that malfunctions in the air conditioning systems occur. It is important that this be kept in good condition. Allplant Auto Electrical and Air Conditioning will take care of your truck air conditioning needs. Conveniently located in Welshpool, known to be the centre for trucking, civil and mining companies, we service customers in the Perth and the Pilbara regions of Western Australia. Specifically, we provide the following:

  • Installation of cabin pressurisers and air filtration systems that would be suitable to the sites for civil and mining machinery
  • Conduct of air conditioning audits in mining machinery fleet with a complete list of costs of parts as well as schedules for parts replacement and maintenance routines to help minimise machine downtime
  • Complete rebuild of existing air conditioning components
  • Installation of ultra-quiet sleeper cab air conditioning
  • Use of Rencool and of Sigma Air Conditioning products in the design, manufacture, and installation of air conditioning unit
  • Availability of DC air conditioners

We at Allplant Auto Electrics and Air Conditioning take pride in the wide array of superior quality products to meet the needs of customers for their air conditioning systems. We have parts such as evaporator units and evacuation pumps and a whole range of spare parts. In cases where the needed parts are not readily available, we source them out for you from reputable sources in the industry. Our company guarantees our customers that they get excellent service from our highly skilled well trained technicians who have extensive experience in all the aspects of air conditioning work. For road breakdowns and onsite repairs, our fleet of fully equipped field service vehicles with our expert technicians is readily available and capable of handling trouble shooting and repairs.

In keeping with our tradition of providing only the best to our customers, we partnered with Sigma and Rencool Air Conditioning Systems, known as the reputable manufacturers of air conditioning parts and supplies. Our customers in these parts of the regions of Western Australia are guaranteed with the quality service and products that only Allplant Auto Electrics and Air Conditioning can give.